Welcome!  My name is Brandon and I enjoy designing and building websites.  For over 12 years I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients from all over the world.  Tech is my passion and I truly enjoy indulging in functional and beautiful web design.

How Can I help You?

Blast off to a new Website!

In 2021, if you are running a business, or just want to have and unrestricted voice, a website is essential.  Having a website gives you or your business access to millions of potential clients.  There are people out there waiting to purchase your products or to hear what you have to say.  Stray.Design can help you get this accomplished, whatever your needs.

Sites Built For Any Device

We live in a world full of devices.  These devices keep us constantly connected and are made in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Whether a visitor is viewing your site on an iPad or an Android smartphone, maybe even a desktop computer, the viewing experience should be pleasurable.  No worries, Stray.Design ensures that your website will be beautifully displayed on devices of any shape or size. 

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